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Online Publications

Links to the few online things with my name on.

The Oblique Effect in Orientation Acuity. Vision Research.
Considering the Use of Sign Language Interpreters in Therapy. Conference proceedings. Scroll to C4, or click here for the same information.
Consciousness. Letter to The Psychologist.
Talking Scents. Letter to The Psychologist.
Run With Your Patient. BMJ. (May require a password these days.)
Certified Meaningless. Letter to The Psychologist.
Assertive Community Treatment with Deaf People. (Link to buy the document).
Deafness and the Art of Psychometric Testing. Article in The Psychologist. (Requires BPS login, though not if you click here).
Community Mental Health Teams' perspectives on providing care for Deaf people with severe mental illness. JMH, Vol15, #3, 2006. (Link to purchase the article).

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Time Management

  1. To-do Lists are prospective. They remind you of what you have not done. Tick items as they are completed but also compile a Done List by always adding tasks to the to-do list that were unplanned but were necessary and completed. This way it becomes retrospective also and actually rewarding.
  2. Time cannot be managed, work can. Prioritise tasks in a 2x2 matrix with urgency as one axis and importance as the other. These variables are different in important ways.


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